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One stunningly beautiful world symbolically represented by braided Scarves of Peace.


"Peace Fibres is a very meaningful work. It ties together all the metaphoric aspects of fibre art, and invites us to think about the meaning woven with fibres through different crafts in order to create a more peaceful world."

Dr. Daina Taimina, Mathematician, Cornell University

There is great yearning for a world community of peace.
There is yearning for personal peace as well.

 About.... Scarves of Peace!

 In observation of International Day of Peace, September 21.

Teams of braiders join fibres from six continents into these colorful, warm, symbolic

                                                SCARVES of PEACE.


Accompanying each scarf is this explanation of purpose and intention:

“From common threads, a world of strength and beauty we can weave.”

A Scarf of Peace is a symbol of the human yearning for peace between and among all.  Each scarf is braided by many hands with strands of fibre blessed with peaceful intentions and contributed by diverse people from six continents. The completed scarves are sent to leaders who hold the power to create peace, and to people anywhere yearning for warmth, beauty, and connection.

The Scarves of Peace project was organized by Karen Lohn
of Grand Marais, Minnesota, author of Peace Fibres: Stitching a Soulful World, to observe the International Day of Peace  each year on September 21.  Anyone can contribute fibres, participate in braiding those into scarves, and come together to hold up an intention of peace.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of Peace Fibres is donated each month to an organization working to promote peace.  Karen is available for presenting workshops and retreats.  She trains teams of braiders with the goal of braiding and distributing scarves across the globe.

If you would like to participate in the
Scarves of Peace project, please contact
Karen Lohn at, call 218-387-1684, or visit her website at

For more about the Scarves of Peace process and recipients, see "Events" and my blog.

Ñandutí, this Paraguayan lace, illustrates the radiating web of fibre connection

Ñandutí, this Paraguayan lace, illustrates the radiating web of fibre connection. The technique was introduced by the Spaniards, and the women of Paraguay captured the fractal patterns of nature by gracefully stitching layers connected to layers in a durable web of beauty and strength.

Peace Fibres is all about peaceful relationship.
Peace Fibres
Karen Lohn
Karen Lohn M.A., LP
Licensed Psychologist

A natural teacher, Karen Lohn is a licensed counseling psychologist who is passionate about the tapestry of life. For more than 20 years, she has taught classes, workshops, and college courses focused on integration of self through metaphor and experiential learning. In Peace Fibres, she threads together her knowledge and understanding of people and cultures with a hands-on approach to creating a soulful world. Karen offers retreats, seminars, short talks, and a call-to-artists as experiential options. See our events schedule, or contact Karen to schedule an event.

Karen teaches and trains individuals and organizations on the enneagram, a fascinating model of human personality and relationship. Her clients include university students, small businesses, and  a variety of organizations. She regularly offers retreats at Windcradle Retreat Center overlooking spectacular Lake Superior at Grand Marais, Minnesota. (  

She and gallery-owner, Jan Sivertson, collaborate in teaching and training. (  Teaming this summer with author and enneagram scholar Michael Goldberg (Nine Ways of Working, and Travels with Odysseus) (, Karen will again offer an experiential canoe/kayak adventure based on Goldberg’s interpretation of the Odyssey.

An enthusiastic lover of nature, Karen teaches about the intersection of psychology with the natural world in Stone Soup Retreats. (  For these, she partners with therapeutic coach, Sonja Karger, and introduces participants to the wondrous wilderness of the Gunflint Trail. Based on the classic tale of Stone Soup emphasizing every person’s contribution to the nourishment of the whole village, this retreat is for those who wish to explore and experience the relationship of human beings to the natural world.  It emphasizes the role of individual health and well being in our relationship to self, others, and the environment which supports us.

Karen offers custom-designed brief talks, focused seminars, and luxurious week-long retreats. Incorporating music, movement, color, and creative expression, Karen invites participants to engage in the experience and to enjoy the process of doing so.  The retreat setting allows the group to deepen connections with one another, relate intimately to nature, and spend time in solitude and introspection.  It is Karen’s preferred format for teaching.

She is available for consulting and training as well.

To contact Karen for presentations, please call or email at 218-349-8072
Catherine (Katie) Zdechlik
Catherine (Katie) Zdechlik

Catherine Zdechlik loves everything in nature, and enjoys people watching. Encouraged by her mother and teachers at the College of St. Benedict, she became a researcher, designer, and lifelong learner.

She enthusiastically embraces artistic expression, and believes that everyone is creative. She's in awe of sensual beauty, from moonlight on water to the draping of linen. She’s slowly learning that perfect isn’t best. Catherine’s collaborative contributions of text, review, revisions, and support are an integral part of Peace Fibres. She is active in many groups and organizations in the Twin Cities area, and she has a soft spot for children, especially her grandchildren.

Karen and Katie have been good friends for four decades.
Maryl Skinner and Denny FitzPatrick
Maryl Skinner and Denny FitzPatrick M Graphic Design

Book design and additional research, images, and editing by Maryl Skinner and Denny FitzPatrick of M Graphic Design, Grand Marais, Minnesota.

Willingness to wrap herself in a cocoon of blankets, don a flowing fuchsia “Sophia” dress, arriving barefoot with champagne, Maryl’s immersion in the process of this book gave it life.  Her creative genius is evident on every page.  Denny’s amazing skill with technology and his patient willingness to respond to the whims of two women made manifest the vision. 

These returned Peace Corps volunteers are wrapped here in a 20-foot-long Rapunzel scarf, braided and gifted to them by Karen. Denny and Maryl also pursue their own individual creative projects, when they are not joined at the neck.

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