Theme of the Month

One stunningly beautiful world symbolically represented by braided Scarves of Peace.


"This is an extensive and gentle book, woven of intensely personal experiences and connective ideas. A practical, stimulating, and celebratory guide, it honors the complexity of human nature while asking us to participate in making a new social fabric based on growth and wholeness.  Peace Fibres is a multi-layered invitation into a creative journey."

Erika Mock, Fibre Artist (Textiles for Body and Soul), Superior, Wisconsin

Solitude. Communion with nature. Peace.

Stich-a-way Cabins

Serenely stitch, savor the sensuous beauty indoors and out. Paddle, swim, listen to the loons. Watch stars shoot across the galaxies. Rest. Knit, crochet a while as the birds serenade. Calm. Peace.


A seasonal cabin on Cedar Lake near Annandale, MN, just one hour from the Twin Cities metropolitan region. (See VRBO listing # 292471 for details. )



A small cabin on Poplar Lake, on the Gunflint Trial outside of Grand Marais. (Contact Karen at for details.)

Either experience allows peaceful connection to self and to the larger world.

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