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One stunningly beautiful world symbolically represented by braided Scarves of Peace.


"This is a striking and compelling creation!  To be  frank, I know little about the craft and art
of fibre.  For the first  time, I want to learn.  I was impressed with the broad, diverse  perspectives of your world-wide survey and the creativity you incorporated  in the exercises and reflections.
 I look forward to reading this gem and sharing it."

Randy Czeswik, Coordinator, Great Decisions, Minnesota International Center

Peace Fibres
Purchase Peace Fibres

 Ten percent of the proceeds
from the sale of Peace Fibres
are contributed each month
to a fibre organization working
to empower marginalized people.

 For the summer months, Cultural Cloth in Maiden Rock, Wisconsin, will receive the 10%.  Katie and I will celebrate the opening of their new home on Sunday, May 12, signing books and sharing stories.  Mary Anne Wise, owner and inspiration for this gallery of global textile products works with women in Guatemala and India, teaching rug hooking, then markets the completed works. See for more.

  Peace Fibres: Stitching a Soulful World                                                                   $29.99
Shipping and Handling                                                                                                FREE!
                                                       Total:                                                                       $29.99

Marionette created by an artist at I Love a Parade!

Marionette created by an artist at I Love a Parade!

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